Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and all included characters were created by Ed Boon and developed by Midway Games. Mortal Kombat and characters now owned by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Inc and developed by NetherRealm Studios.
This comic is unofficial and was made for fun because I am a huge fan. Ok, let's start the narrative...

In 2010, I was in a course titled Comics and Literature at CCC and took on a huge final project that continues to inspire me today.  The course covered many aspects of comics I hadn't noticed before. There was a warning in the syllabus that the final project involved each student making their own comic, 2-7 pages in length, that demonstrated what they learned. I was in shock and so excited to idea what. TOO EXCITED TO THINK! 

Weeks went by and my brain's idea department continued to be out of service.  

Once it became time to start working on my final project or fail, an idea finally struck me while playing Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. On top of that, my husbands birthday was coming up and if I didn't screw this up it would make an awesome gift!

After playing the storyline, I found a small section of Reptile's story (husband's favorite) that was left untold and would work with my capabilites. In Reptile's story, he is searching for two characters that killed his master while having to go through and fight opponents to get information on their whereabouts. 

Time to start my favorite part of a project; RESEARCH! I searched images online, paused MK games to sketch characters and gestures, looked through comics to find martial art poses, read character backstories from each game (they are not consistent, but that's ok), and borrowed some MK comics from a friend at work. The work was incredibly fun and educational.
This project offered the opportunity for me to create my version of the character and it was off to a cute start. So...not good.  He looked more like Yoshi from the Super Mario Bros. movie. After a few more tries, a profile was created that fit the intensity this character needed and two more views were drawn for future reference. 

Reptile was sketched and then each piece from his outfit drawn off to the side individually (to use later), then development of his mask got started with notes for additional features that could be useful. I frequently make notes around my drawings if there is anything that could be better or if there is something new I want to try. Once the outfit got figured out, I make the figures you see below as another reference for where each piece goes, but mostly for what his back looks like. 
Next character to be featured in this story was the vampire, Nitara. Didn't know they had a vampire in MK? Well, yes. Yes, they totally did and Reptile has to fight her to get his sword back so there needs to be references of this character too.
The drawing of Nitara above is my favorite; her stance, expression, and detail are on point. Her original outfit was highly detailed and although I wanted to draw some angry-faced boots it was more important to consider the amount of time that added to her final drawings. 

I wrote the script and began storyboarding once the characters were complete.
Final Steps:

With the storyboards finished, the comic was sketched, cleaned up, and inked. I can now do this on my computer, but back then I did everything by hand and scanned it, using a mouse to clean up the images a second time and add color. Having done this makes me appreciate my Intuos Pro like a sacred artifact.

Comparing the concept images above with the line drawing below gives you an idea of how much was changed and added to improve the story. Another thing to note is I did a lot of experimenting with how to show time passing and tell this story without using a lot of panels. I enjoy them and all, but I enjoy breaking through them more. As you can see below, there are three moments in time separated by grass instead of having three panels. 
One important feature I wanted to include was a fight scene, however, there isn't a fight in this part of the story so it was added as a flashback and a random character was created. I know he looks like Cage, but it's nobody. 

In order to show the fighters moving in space, a separate drawing was made of my favorite level from the original game and then moved and traced in each section. This solution allowed me to easily keep the fighters centered as they are in the game and still show they are moving around. It made the entire fatality sequence go by in very little time. 

Finally! Each step is completed and ready for viewing. Overall, about 80% of my time was spent drawing and 10% writing. I tell you this because it shows. Sorry for what it's lacking, but the illustrations are what I'm proud of. 

The assignment was turned in over email and all that was left was gifting it to my husband for his birthday.

Making this was an incredibly daunting undertaking and totally worth every minute of work. Thank you for reading! Appreciate and leave a comment below. 

Let's Begin:
Once more, with feeling!
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and all included characters were created by Ed Boon and developed by Midway Games. Mortal Kombat and characters now owned by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Inc and developed by NetherRealm Studios.
This comic is unofficial fanart (basically free advertising for the games that I've been playing since age 7)
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